About Us

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Stephen Payne, owner and creator of Payne’s, was born in England and owes his formative years to Yorkshire. From there he travelled across the USA, stopping in Fairmont, IN, the birthplace of James Dean, fell in love with the country and eventually made his way back to build Payne’s Restaurant…the eclectic, free spirited, serious about food, enjoy-your-life atmosphere you will find today. He and his wife enjoy 4 young boys and operate their business together on a daily basis.

Payne’s offers healthy and nutritious breakfasts all day, lunch, and an evening dinner menu that’s often changing, all made with the freshest local ingredients and pasture raised meat. Payne’s supports local art and culture, and often hosts acoustic concerts, as well as art/photography shows throughout the year. We have selected the best Indiana craft beers and boutique wines to complement our meals.